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Blue Hill Jewelry supports artisans worldwide by connecting them to consumers with the same passion for handmade jewelry.

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Contemporary Silver Art Collection

Leaving her administrative career behind, Susan decided to explore and learn the art of craftsmith on her own. She read books, watched videos, took some practice, and started her own business as a metal smith. Her one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces are being crafted in her home  studio. Her unique designs are truly beautiful, where you can clearly see how much thought and work is being invested in each piece.


fresh boho collection

As a child she grew up on a farm, wandering in the fields, enjoying the seasonal spring flowers, cactus flowers, bright yellow and orange summer fruit and vegetables. Looking at her unique designs you can clearly tell the nature inspirations. Her designs manifest nature as she used to live it, at its finest. Her collections are made of  precious metals (14K, 18K Gold, 925 Sterling Silver), precious stones (such as Carnelian, Citrine and Peridot), along with various types of pearls, and leather. 

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