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Top 3 Artisan Handmade Jewelry Gifts Under $25

December 06, 2017

With the holidays approaching, now is the time to be thinking gifts!  Deciding the perfect gift can always be a hard choice.  Does one buy the latest trend?  A gift card?  Overplayed.  This year, try something unique.  Not only does a unique gift stand out, it also shows the receiver of the gift that time and effort was put into choosing something for them that actually fits them and their likes.

For a fun and unique idea, focus in on highlighting creativity and supporting artists who are creating unique and one of a kind pieces of jewelry.  Each item, hand-crafted and made differently.  No two pieces the same.  Nothing made in a factory or mass produced.  A one-of-a-kind gift - artisan handmade jewelry.
Many people underestimate the impact of handmade jewelry and are uneducated about the difference between handcrafted vs mass produced.  Let me break it down for you.  Mass produced literally means just that.  Many times, the piece of jewelry is produced at a factory or an assembly line where hundreds of thousands of the same piece of jewelry are made on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.  The quality is typically less and cheaper products are often used to be able to buy in bulk to create quickly.  The jewelry that is mass produced also lacks heart and passion.  The people working in the factory or on the assembly line have no connection to the thousands of pieces of jewelry that they are creating.  To them, it's a job.  Each piece of jewelry is one in the same.  
Now...In your mind, think opposite of everything that you just read..and that is what handcrafted is.  It is individual jewelry being hand-made by one person, who has put their heart and soul into that design.  The artist takes their time to create and craft a unique piece of jewelry that showcases their skills.  Each piece that they make, represents them and who they are as an artist.  Talk about pride in their work.  Using the best materials possible, hand-crafted jewelry will win every time.  
Looking for some awesome ideas?  Check out our suggestions for the best handmade jewelry gifts under $25
This list is just a teaser, more options can be found here as well! 
Modern industrial chic meets minimal style.  Sassy with class.  Price?  $22.  Get it here!

Birds eye made of beautiful turquoise.  Silver chain included all for $22
For a subtle hint of 14K gold plated beauty on the ear, this is a must. 
Low-key with a high-end look.  $24.

This holiday, surprise your loved ones with gifts from the heart, mind and soul.  Give them the beauty of homemade, a unique piece that showcases them and their uniqueness.

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