About us

Our mission is to help independent artisan workshops bring their handmade objects of beauty to market.

Helping Independent Artisans Showcase Their Works

Many independent artisans specialize in creating beautiful works of art however they often lack even the basic computer skills needed in order to put their their pieces for sale on the internet. 

Blue Hill Jewelry is the brainchild of a corporate merchandising specialist who one day got a call from an artisan on the brink of starvation and immediately realized how many great artisans simply go unnoticed. On that day she decided to lend a hand and started Blue Hill Jewelry. 

We do the legwork: our team hand picks only artisans that create unique and distinctive pieces, and maintain top-quality crafted-by-hand traditions. We than market their pieces to worldwide audiences, using various web channels, at competitive reasonable pricing. 

At the end everybody benefits: the artisans get a valuable channel and a source of fair income, customers worldwide get to enjoy beautiful handmade works of art delivered to them at competitive cost, and we enjoy the gratification of tieing it together. 

We and our artisans invite you to browse our growing catalog, and we thank you in advance if you choose to order from us.

We're always looking forward to hearing your feedback, ideas and suggestions (click Ask Us a Question on the menu above).

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