Meet the artisan - LILA

 My name is Racheli and I am a naïve artist.

I started my career as a landscape architect, and since 2005 I am a full time jewelry designer. In my studio, overlooking the Galilee Mountains, I create jewelry from silver, glass and felt. My designs are offered for sale by galleries and department stores in the USA, Japan, England and Spain, and in 2015 I won a prize from the Israel Export Institute. 

The idea for my collection, called LILA, was born while I was living in California, as I felt the need of my friends to be seen, to express something about themselves without words. When I create LILA I see women who decide to take one step forward, who stop hiding and want to be seen, to be connected to and to be known. Thus, each character has brought inspiration to my life and comes with a story and accessories dear to her heart.

With my naïve designs you will feel enclosed, connected and a little more special.

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