Meet the artisan - Anat

Anat Perez has been designing and crafting jewelry from a young age. For over 20 years, Anat's distinctive ideas and beautiful designs made her one of the top designers to cater to both the local Israeli and international fashion jewelry markets.Quickly, her innovative brand had grown to become a world renowned company.

Anat Collection jewelry features a plethora of materials. We use sterling silver, silver and gold plated brass metals, fabrics, leather, mineral and semi-precious stones, crystals, pearls, wood, and occasional designed CCB beads. Many metal elements are designed exclusively by Anat and all materials are crafted into extraordinary jewelry using countless techniques. We select the highest quality materials and proudly present here our favorite jewelries made by Anat Collection.

The history and passion for jewelry expressed by Anat has led her to explore a variety of techniques and styles, all the while maintaining a distinct form of expression that is uniquely Anat Collection. The diversity amongst the lines gives us the versatility and ability to connect with all types of women for any occasion.

Anat Collection fashion jewelry is both timeless and contemporary and can be enjoyed across all seasons and for many years to come.

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