Flower Spinner Silver Worry Ring

By Sali

Hammered 925 sterling silver spinner meditation ring decorated with flowers and two hammered gold filled rings.

Handmade Meditation rings get the inspiration from the Holy land jewelry. We have unique and stylish designs line of spinner rings so you can find the style you like. The meditation rings are the perfect gift for the loved ones.

Meditation rings based on ancient Tibetan prayer wheels. The practice of wearing and turning the prayer ring said to be of immeasurable benefit to oneself and others. Foster a peaceful state of mind, and assist practitioners in their journey to enlightenment. They said to bring good luck and fortune


Width: 16mm

Material: 925 Sterling silver
Gold filled


 Made & Shipped from Israel

Our jewelry is made by hand. Most of our items are in stock and will ship quickly, usually between 2-5 business days. It you need it urgently we've got your back! Contact us and we'll gladly help.

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