Hebrew Chai Necklace

By Sali

Gold filled/silver necklace with Chai pendant/ charm that is fitting as a gift to your loved ones, especially during Hanukkah. Crafted from either gold and sterling silver with an equally remarkable cultural significance.

Chai is an important symbol in the Jewish religion, The word is made up of two Alphabet letters "Chet" (חׁ) and "Yud" (י), forming the word "Chai" which mean "life" or "living".
In "Gematria" (Numerology) the two letters of Chai add up to 18. For this reason, 18 is a spiritual number in Judaism, and many Jews give gifts of money in multiples of 18 as a result.
It is also has the word "David" and the Hebrew letters: "MeM, YUD, VAV" - together with the "Chai" It is create the famous sentence (and song): "David Melech Yisrael Chai Vekayam" meaning - "David, king of Israel, lives and endures."

You can choose between Gold Filled or Sterling Silver.


 Made & Shipped from Israel

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