Oxidized Wide Spinner Ring with a Gold Band

By Sali

This textured 925 sterling silver spinner band is truely unique.

It has a golden spinning ring made of gold filled and black oxide on the silver texture.
This statement ring will be your new favorite jewelry.

Why spinner ring also called worry ring / anxiety rings?
Spinning rings has a band ring with another one or more rings around it, that can move freely - rotating rings.
reasearchers are claiming that wearing spinner rings can be very useful for stress relief.
Spin ring can reduce tension levels if you are "playing" with it and it helps to calm the mind.
For that reason sometimes spinner rings are referred to as worry rings, anxiety rings, turn rings, swivel rings, meditation rings, turning rings, prayer rings or motion rings.

Width: 16mm 0.63 inches

Materials: Sterling silver 925, gold filled, oxidized silver


 Made & Shipped from Israel

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